Wood-Ridge Public Education Foundation

Mission: The Mission of the Wood Ridge Public Education Foundation is to generate and distribute resources to or for the benefit of the Wood Ridge School District. The main purpose is to enrich, maintain and expand programs needed to meet the school district's stated mission of excellence in education.

      Formed to enhance educational opportunities for the town’s public school students, the goal of the Wood Ridge Public Education Foundation is to provide supplemental funding for programs which are already supported by public financing at a basic level. The funding provided to the students can be substantially improved through additional private sector financing towards programs that may not receive funding from traditional sources, such as the district budget or state aid.

      The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors made up of members of the community working hand in hand with, but independent of, the Wood Ridge Public School System. The Board of Directors will be accountable for designating how the funds are to be distributed.



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MARCH 13, 2019