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What is the Mission of Wood- Ridge Public Education Foundation?


How Can Private Funds
Benefit Public Education









How We Help

      The Mission of the Wood Ridge Public Education Foundation is to generate and distribute resources to or for the benefit of the Wood Ridge School District. The main purpose is to enrich, maintain and expand programs needed to meet the school district's stated mission of excellence in education.

      Formed to enhance educational opportunities for the town’s public school students, the goal of the Wood Ridge Public Education Foundation is to provide supplemental funding for programs which are already supported by public financing at a basic level. The funding provided to the students can be substantially improved through additional private sector financing towards programs that may not receive funding from traditional sources, such as the district budget or state aid.

      The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors made up of members of the community working hand in hand with, but independent of, the Wood Ridge Public School System. The Board of Directors will be accountable for designating how the funds are to be distributed.

      As Americans, all children should have the opportunity for the same quality of education regardless of income or means. The Wood Ridge Public Education Foundation seeks to develop charitable support which will supplement the publicly funded school budget to achieve this equality of opportunity.

      A first-class education program might include the following items that are not funded, or not fully funded, in the current budget:

  • Enrichment programs at all grade levels that encourage students to achieve to their fullest potential.

  • Replacement of outdated books and reading materials with updated and more challenging books and technology.

  • Replacement and/or additional forms of technology, such as new computers, printers and various forms of hardware and software.

  • Challenging new courses of study that offer students an opportunity to work towards college and career interests.

  • Development funding for tools that support greater collaboration between parents and teachers around children’s academic goals.

  • Additional time and resources to research, develop, and pilot programs that move our system forward toward excellence.


Grants that have been awarded to teachers have enriched learning in the schools.  Pictured above is Civil Rights veteran, Mark Levy, posing with Wood-Ridge faculty after speaking to WRHS students about his experiences.


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